Drug Smuggler, Lesedi Molapisi’s father speaks up

Mr. Molapisi who is the father of a drug smuggler, Lesedi Molapisi, has spoken about his daughter’s ordeal.

According to Mr. Molapisi, Lesedi left home on 16 January without informing anyone about her trip and they only heard of her arrest from the media, seven days after she had left home.

He shared a letter that was part of her luggage, the letter was addressed to the high commission in Pretoria, South Africa, to request her visa.

The letter states that she will be travelling to Bangladesh to buy ready-made garments with assistance from the travelling Agency and accommodation will be provided for her.

Goitsemodimo Molapisi told Newzroom Afrika that he has not directly spoken to Lesedi since her arrest but has been receiving notes from her via an intermediary, contracted by an African association in Bangladesh to assist her.

In a message last week, “she says she’s fine and as we speak she is mentioning the trial hasn’t yet started,” her father said.

He added she had been taken to court on November 14 for “a mention” but the case had not yet gone to trial.

Mr. Molaposi believes that his daughter is still alive even though he has not received a note from her since last week and the Bangladesh government has provided little to no help in this whole situation.

According to media reports, the Botswana national who was arrested at Bangladesh’s largest and main airport, the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (HSIA) earlier this year with over 3kg of heroin in her luggage was set to be executed on 25 November 2022. Lesedi Molapisi was arrested at the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Bangladesh, on a Qatar Airways flight from South Africa, which came via Doha on January 23, 2022.

Molapisi’s luggage was searched and 3.146kg of heroin drug was found concealed inside. The Botswana national was immediately arrested.

Molapisi’s luggage was searched and 3.146kg of heroin was found concealed inside. The Botswana national was immediately arrested.

It is said that Lesedi Molapisi insists that she had no knowledge of the drugs in her luggage.


As an unemployed 30-year-old woman, Lesedi Molapisi could have been lured into smuggling drugs under the pretence that she was going to be helped in getting financial independence by selling the ready-made garments.

Whether she knew that her luggage consisted of drugs, is still questionable as it is suspicious that she left without informing her family of her travel plans.


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