Prophet shot and killed by store owner in a foiled robbery

A failed robbery attempt in Violet Bank village, Bushbuckridge, ended with the fatal shooting of one of the suspected robbers by the quick actions of a vigilant grocery store owner.

Reports suggest that the incident occurred on Wednesday, 28 February 2024, around 15:15. Two accomplices of the deceased managed to flee, leaving him behind.

Man killed During robbery attempt

Tsietsie Dimpho Mokoena

At the scene authorities found a firearm with filed off serial numbers next to the deceased, which indicated potential illegal activity.

A cases of attempted murder, attempted robbery, possession of an unlicensed firearm, and an inquest were opened at Bushbuckridge police station for further investigation.

Adding an interesting twist to the story, it was revealed that the deceased was also known in the community as a prophet, believed to possess mystical powers.

Allegedly, he had the ability to make other criminals invisible during their criminal activities through his potent muthi (traditional medicine).

However, his apparent invincibility was shattered when he sustained a fatal wound to the back of his head during the the crime.

The deceased was identified as Tsietsie Dimpho Mokoena.

An meets his maker after robbery attempt

Tsietsie Dimpho Mokoena shot and killed in foiled robbery attempt

The incident serves as a reminder of the dangers in criminal activities and the swift justice that can be served in communities where vigilant citizens are ready to defend themselves and their property.



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