Woman stabbed to death after being caught red handed by her boyfriends wife

Shocking footage has surfaced online showing woman lying motionlessly on the ground after she was reportedly caught red handed.

The woman has now been identified as Brightness Phiri.

The circumstances surrounding Phiri’s death are chilling, as it involves a love triangle and a violent act of revenge.

According to reports circulating on social media, Phiri found herself in a precarious situation when she was caught in the marital bed of her lover with his wife.

The wife had left the house, claiming to attend an all-night prayer at her church.

Little did she know that her husband would bring his mistress into their home during her absence.

When the wife unexpectedly returned home and discovered Phiri in her marital bed, a wave of anger and betrayal washed over her.

In a moment of intense rage, she reached for a knife and proceeded to stab Phiri, resulting in her untimely death.

The man, realizing the danger, hastily fled the scene, leaving Phiri defenseless and at the mercy of his vengeful wife.

The incident reportedly happened in a city called Gweru in Zimbabwe.

More details are set to emerge.

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