“They steal pots from stoves while still hot” – residents forced to flee their homes as baboons take over

Residents of Mokuete, Tlhomo, Kebuang, and Sepojane wards in Kanye are facing a persistent challenge with marauding baboons and monkeys invading their homes and causing havoc.

These wild animals have been creating chaos in the community, leaving residents frustrated and sleepless.

Elizabeth Ule, an elderly woman from Sepojane ward, expressed her dismay over the situation, stating, “I do not know the taste of the mangoes planted inside my yard; the baboons harvest all of them before they are ripe.”

The residents have planted fruit trees, only to have the fruits devoured by the animals before they can enjoy them.

Cleaning baboon feces has become a regular chore for the residents, as the animals leave a mess in their wake.

Goemeone Tirelo, another resident, regrets building her house near a hill as the baboons and monkeys have made her yard their territory.

Despite reporting the issue to the Wildlife Department officers, the animals continue to return in search of food, causing further distress to the residents.

Mothibi Kesetse, an elderly resident, shared his frustration, stating, “The baboons are not even afraid to eat from the pot while it is on the stove, di tlhatlola dipitsa.”

The Wildlife Department has acknowledged the reports and attempts to control the wild animals, including translocating them and engaging Wildlife clusters to deter the animals from homes.

Member of Parliament for Kanye East, Thapelo Letsholo, highlighted the need for a compensation model to address the damages caused by these animals.

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