Underwater blasting angers residents

The navy’s underwater blasting near the Simon’s Town naval base has caused concern and outrage among residents.

Video footage captured by an eyewitness shows a plume of water shooting into the air next to one of the navy boats within the designated detonation zone.

Dave Hurwitz, a local resident and naturalist, recorded one of the blasts and confirmed the impact it had on the area.

Residents took to the Simon’s Town Navy Underwater Blasting Opposition WhatsApp group to express their frustration.

One resident described how the blast affected their surroundings, stating, “Definitely was a blast – felt windows, ears, wooden floors.”

Another resident confirmed the intensity of the blast, saying, “Yes, my chair reverberated.”

The news of the navy’s underwater blasting had spread widely on social media after the navy issued a navigational alert about the exclusion zone for shallow-water detonation.

This announcement created anticipation and concern among the community.

The navy has not released any official statements regarding the purpose or necessity of the underwater blasting.

However, residents are questioning the need for such drills and the potential impact on marine life and the environment.

The proximity of the detonation zone to the naval base and residential areas has raised concerns about the safety of the operation.

The navy’s actions have sparked a debate about the balance between national security and the well-being of local communities.

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