STOKVEL | One guy joins ladies stokvel

@mat boschh took to Twitter and posted a photo of his share of the groceries he received from his stokvel. He started a conversation by mentioning that he is the only man in the stokvel with 28 women and tweep did not run out of opinions in this matter. He was mostly met with criticism and he gave witty replies.

One person advised that he should have joined his stokvel which bought meat and alcohol, mat_bosch responded by saying he had children and he had no use for alcohol.

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In South Africa, a stokvel is an unofficial savings group, typically made up of Black people. Money is contributed to the group throughout the year, and right before Christmas, a significant amount of goods are purchased and distributed equally among the members.

In a separate incident on Saturday, December 10, 2022, two armed suspects approached members of the local stokvel in the Mankweng Policing area, and they were robbed of R60 000 in cash. This came after they gathered to divide the funds.

Stokvel members robbed

According to reports, the stokvel members gathered at one of the members’ property in Tshware village, Ga- Mamabolo. Before they could distribute their monthly donations at 10:30, two suspects showed up and told everyone to lie down. Before leaving the area, they confined everyone inside one of the rooms after taking all the money.

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Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe, the Provincial Commissioner of Police for Limpopo, has once more advised citizens and business owners to avoid carrying large sums of cash or exchanging stokvel payments in hard currency.

Lieutenant General Hadebe, said “We often receive reports like this, where stokvel members withdraw large amounts of money and proceed to the house of one of the members to share it, especially during this time of the year. This method obviously attracts criminals. Stokvel members are advised to make use of electronic funds transfer (EFT) which minimizes crimes of this nature,” concluded Lieutenant General Hadebe

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