Pit bull causes a man to make a U-turn

A man who tweeted a photo of the cause of making a quick U-turn left everyone in stitches. It is not surprising that the man changed route after coming across a pit bull in his path, given the surge in pit bull attacks.

On his way to his destination, @LOZAAH spotted a pit bull perched on top of a fence that appeared to be ready to launch at anyone bold enough to walk close to it.

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Many people laughed and supported his choice, while others thought it was daring of him to approach close enough to capture the picture.

Pibull on the fence


It is alarming that the wall and gate to the home of this particular pit bull are not high enough to keep it enclosed.

Spirited jumping without a hold, pit bulls can jump up a straight wall as high as 13 feet. The majority of Pitbulls won’t have any issue jumping 10 feet or more if the situation requires it, even though having that kind of jumping ability takes some training.

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Although we are fully aware that some families believe their pit bulls are gentle and wouldn’t harm a fly, it is necessary to keep them fenced and away from the public for the safety of others.

A few weeks ago a pit bull killed a 39-year-old man by mauling him to death in a tavern in Mogwase, Northwest.

It’s believed that the tavern’s owner closed early on Saturday morning and let two of his dogs run free to patrol the yard.

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