Prince Simakade slams president Ramaphosa for making Zulu throne a political playground

Prince Simakade’s accusation against President Cyril Ramaphosa has added fuel to the already fiery dispute within the AmaZulu royal family.

As the rival and half-brother to AmaZulu King Misuzulu, Simakade believes that Ramaphosa is using the divisions within the family to gain political advantage for the African National Congress (ANC) in the upcoming national elections.

Simakade suggests that Ramaphosa’s public endorsement of Misuzulu as the rightful heir to the throne is merely a ploy to associate himself and the ANC with the prestigious AmaZulu throne.

By doing so, he hopes to win the support of the Zulu people and secure votes for his party in the elections.

Simakade bluntly states, “He wants to garner support for his party as national elections are nearing through association with [AmaZulu throne].”

This accusation raises concerns about the unity of the Zulu royal family. The AmaZulu monarchy holds significant cultural and historical importance in South Africa, and any division within the family has broader implications for the nation.

The royal family’s internal conflicts should ideally be resolved internally, without outside interference or exploitation.

Ramaphosa’s endorsement of Misuzulu may have unintended consequences.

While it may help the ANC gain support among Zulu voters, it could also deepen the rift within the AmaZulu royal family.

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