Lawyer talks about Nurkovic’s ‘Bizarre’ Royal AM Treatment

Samir Nurkovic’s lawyer, Davor Lazic, expressed dissatisfaction with the treatment Samir Nurkovic experienced at Royal A and announced that FIFA has now taken over his contract issue.

Lazic asserts that Royal AM is engaging in deceitful tricks by claiming that the player never signed a contract with them, despite the fact that they did.

The lawyer queries how Royal AM could initially want to terminate the contract and give the player a settlement when there was no contract.

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As first reported by SABC Sport, the matter is now in the hands of FIFA’s Dispute Resolution chamber, which will rule sometime in January of next year.

Nurkovic left Kaizer Chiefs at the end of the previous season and joined Royal AM before the start of this one, formally signing a deal on July 1.

Samir Nurkovic at Kaizer Chiefs

However, he had an injury when he joined the team, and it got worse throughout practice, which enraged Royal AM’s managers.

In September, during the FIFA break, Nurkovic appeared to be on the mend after playing for 71 minutes in a friendly match for Royal AM against Chiefs in the Macufe Cup.

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On that occasion, he appeared in good shape, bulldozing defenders, displaying his signature hold-up play, and frequently tussling with rivals, but that was the last time he played for the KwaZulu-Natal club.

“After that game in the Macufe Cup, he was sidelined and now we are facing a different version of the story, stating that there was no contract signed even though the guy was training day by day,” the lawyer told iDiski Times.

“But from my side, I do have a contract that was signed with Royal AM. But because he was injured, they said they will terminate the contract within 30 days. If there was no contract, there was nothing to terminate.”

On top of that, since Nurkovic was signed by Royal AM, he was never paid for three months- July, August, and September.

“It’s hard,” said Lazic, when asked how Nurkovic is surviving without being paid.

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“Because, like any other person, he is supposed to be paid. In the case the football players are not paid for at least two months, they have a right to terminate the contract according to FIFA law.

“We sent the letter to the club after two or three lapses, stating that they should pay him in the next 15 days and they responded to that letter by stating that they won’t pay because he’s injured and they will terminate the contract. This was done at the end of September.”

As it has been proven within the clubs within the PSL, they don’t win these cases and FIFA takes players’ welfare very vigorously

There won’t be any love lost in the relationship between Samir Nurkovic and Royal AM and the team should have paid him what is due to him if they no longer wanted him as part of their team. This is football and players are prone to injuries due to the nature of the sport.


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