Father furious after school posted explicit pics of his child on Facebook

An East London father is expressing his outrage after discovering that his four-year-old autistic son’s pictures were posted on the school’s social media page without his consent.

The incident has raised serious concerns about the school’s lack of privacy and sensitivity towards special needs children.

The father, who wishes to remain anonymous, was shocked to stumble upon the pictures of his vulnerable child in a state of undress.

He expressed his anger, stating, “I trusted the school to take care of my son and ensure his safety.

“To see his intimate pictures shared on social media without my knowledge or consent is not only a violation of his privacy but also a breach of trust.”

Autism is a developmental disorder characterized by difficulties in social interaction and communication.

Children with autism often require additional support and understanding from their educators and peers.

The school’s actions have not only compromised the child’s privacy but also potentially exposed him to ridicule and bullying from others.

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