I can be able to penetrate you with power and sweat – 30 teachers axed for preying on school girls

Education Labour Relations Council (ELRC) has taken a firm stance against sexual misconduct in schools, resulting in the dismissal of 30 teachers since April.

These teachers were found guilty of various acts of sexual misconduct, highlighting a disturbing trend within the education system.

One of the cases that led to a teacher’s dismissal involved a shocking incident where a male teacher placed a female pupil’s hand on his penis.

This reprehensible act not only violated the trust placed in educators but also traumatized the victim.

Such behavior is completely unacceptable and deserving of severe consequences.

In another disturbing case, a teacher told a matric pupil to bend over at the school fence, stating that he wanted to penetrate her with power and sweat.

The teacher told a matric pupil to bend over at the school fence, so “I can be able to penetrate you with power and then I can sweat”.

This degrading and offensive comment not only demonstrates a complete lack of respect for students but also highlights the deeply rooted issue of sexual harassment within the education system.

The ELRC’s swift action in firing these teachers sends a clear message that sexual misconduct will not be tolerated.

It is essential to protect the well-being and safety of students, creating an environment conducive to learning and growth.

In addition to the 30 teachers dismissed by the ELRC, a further 34 teachers were fired by provincial education departments.

These dismissals were deemed substantively fair after the teachers referred unfair dismissal disputes to the ELRC for arbitration.

This further emphasizes the seriousness with which sexual misconduct is being treated and the commitment to ensuring justice for victims.


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