Woman found in car boot after being kidnapped during hijacking

One of the victims of a hijacking  incident was discovered  in the boot, next to the N12 on Saturday morning.

The incident occurred at 23:30 on Friday in Mandeville Street, Bryanston, as the victim and her boyfriend were returning home after dining together at a restaurant in Melrose.

They were accosted by four men in a white Audi A4 with blue lights, who brandished firearms.

The girlfriend was forced into the boot of their white BMW X1, while the boyfriend was forced into the suspects’ vehicle. The perpetrators then drove off with both vehicles.

Woman rescues from the boot

Vehicle damaged and firemans recovered

On the N12, the driver of the victim’s car lost control of the vehicle resulting in an accident.  He was arrested, and the girlfriend was found in the boot and taken for medical treatment.

Meanwhile, the boyfriend managed to escape by kicking open the boot of the suspect’s while the vehicle was moving slowly and hid in the grass. The suspects left after unsuccessfully searching for him, he then sought for help from nearby people who took him to Kliptown Police Station, where a case was opened for possession of a hijacked vehicle and kidnapping.

One suspect is currently hospitalised in ICU under police supervision.

Authorities are investigating the possibility that the victims were followed home and are hopeful of making further arrests.


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