“He has my private numbers, his been to my work” – Stalker who claims to have a child with Lerato Kganyago is still on her case, a year later

Media personality Lerato Kganyago is facing a frightening ordeal as she finds herself as the target of a stalker on social media.

The man, who goes by the handle @Twala1Bonga, has been making disturbing claims about having children with Lerato and demanding access to them.

What started as seemingly harmless online chatter has escalated into a real-life nightmare for Lerato.

Initially, Lerato brushed off the man’s claims as a joke, but the situation has taken a dark turn as the stalker has obtained her private contact information and has begun harassing her at her workplace.

The man’s behaviour has become increasingly threatening, with mentions of Lerato’s family members adding to her distress.

In response to the escalating harassment, Lerato has spoken out about the situation, expressing her fear and frustration at being targeted in this way.

She has called for action to be taken to protect her safety and privacy from this individual.

“I don’t know YOU and I don’t have children with you OR ANYONE. If anyone knows this gentleman please DM me. I’ve been harassed on my phones, at work, through my colleagues. I know this is a serious problem, and I PRAY your family sees this and assists you!” She posted.

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