Costa Titch was allegedly poisoned a few minutes before his last performance

Just before the one-month anniversary of Costa Titch’s death, his mother vowed to keep going until she found out what happened to her son when he collapsed during a performance and later died.

The 28-year-old rapper suddenly passed away at the Nasrec Expo Centre on March 11 after collapsing at the Ultra Music Festival.

A private funeral was organised by his family a few days later, and public memorial ceremonies honouring his life were held in Johannesburg and Mpumalanga, his home province

Since his passing his mother has kept her promise to leave no stone unturned in her quest to find out what really led to her son’s passing.

After trying a couple of way, the family opted to keep searching for answers from a psychic medium, the Diva, who specialises in unresolved cases.

The Diva was asked to investigate and shed light and the case and her fundings are as follows:

“This case took a long time to investigate because I asked for a list of all the people that were in his life and had to work by process of elimination and find motive.

The public were convinced he was epileptic or that the amount of smoke in the room had affected him but I wasn’t convinced that was the case. His mother had also confirmed that Costa did not have epilepsy.

Costa Titch

Costa Titch gets international recognition

I believe that something Costa drank a few mins before going on stage was laced with a drug to cause his death.

Immediately he went on stage he started jumping and dancing, this would have accelerated the reaction. He stumbled once and then fell off the stage. He died two hours later and was not immediately rushed to a hospital.

He was very anti drugs and mostly drank water.

I believe the drug used will be hard to trace but not impossible. Some drugs like opiates are not tested for in a toxicology test unless specifically requested.

The mastermind of this poorly organised murder is a young male who knew him well and he worked with another male also well known to Costa. The motive being money.

This was a last performance in South African as Costa was signed up by Internationally known singer/ producer AKON.

Immediately his death was announced his bank accounts were depleted, a funeral was arranged with no fans and without involving the family’s opinion, this also included the cremation of his body straight away. A video of his coffin was used in a company’s advertising without consent of family.

All these things provide motive and deviousness. A truly talented rapper taken too early. I believe that Justice will be served!

Costa Titch was working hard to provide for his mother that he loved so much. He was robbed of this dream by Greed.” Says the Diva

She further states that her full report was given to family abroad and humbly asks for the paramedic that took off Costa’s chain and cross to please have a good heart and return it to his mom.


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