Black Coffee fans come for Enhle Mbali after his accident

Following news of Black Coffee’s plane accident, internet users turned their attention to his ex-wife Enhle Mbali‘s social media accounts.

Mbali is known for sharing inspirational quotes and quirky memes with her followers, rarely speaking about her estranged husband.

However, when she posted a seemingly innocent meme on her Instagram Stories, Black Coffee’s fans were quick to criticize her.

One user, ChrisExcel, reshared Mbali’s post on their burner account, stating, “The father of your kids that you’re extorting R60K a month is in the hospital fighting for his life… and you’re posting that this is the best thing you’ve heard… Not even a ‘Get well soon’ nyana.”

Many users seemed to agree with ChrisExcel’s sentiment, expressing their disappointment in Mbali’s post.

However, some users pointed out that Mbali’s post was made before news of Black Coffee’s accident.

It is important to note that timing can sometimes create misunderstandings, and it is crucial to gather all the facts before passing judgment.

On Wednesday night, Black Coffee’s team released a statement through his official media channels, informing the public that the 47-year-old DJ was receiving medical attention following an incident on his flight to Mar Del Plata, Argentina.

The statement did not provide further details about the incident or the extent of his injuries.

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