BBC Exposes Shocking Allegations Against Late TB Joshua

A comprehensive three-part documentary by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has laid bare a disturbing narrative surrounding the late Pastor Temitope Balogun Joshua, commonly known as TB Joshua.

The BBC are set to release a 3 part documentary titled "Disciples" exposing religious leader TB Joshua,

The BBC are set to release a 3 part documentary titled “Disciples” exposing religious leader TB Joshua.

The exposé details instances of sexual crimes, staged miracles, and cover-ups that allegedly occurred under the charismatic leader’s reign. The shocking revelations are based on interviews with at least 30 former members and workers of SCOAN.

The first segment of the documentary, set for release on January 8, explores a dark side of TB Joshua’s legacy.

It uncovers a pattern of sexual exploitation, abuse, harassment, rape, manipulation, and staged miracles spanning over two decades.

The BBC reports that the church was allegedly aware of these allegations, yet no investigations were conducted.

Late SCOAN founder TB Joshua

Late SCOAN founder TB Joshua.

The investigation delves into how SCOAN allegedly shielded its congregation from the truth about the collapse of one of its guesthouses in 2014.

The church’s response, including showing a misleading video to members, aimed to conceal structural defects that led to the tragic incident.

The BBC reveals how SCOAN compensated victims’ families with cash, interpreted by some as “hush money,” while TB Joshua reportedly personally threatened families who refused the compensation.

Survivors of TB Joshua’s alleged sexual exploitation recounted harrowing experiences, revealing manipulation, silence, and threats.

Women who were part of TB Joshua’s discipleship shared stories of molestation, rape, coerced abortions, and justification of sexual assaults under the guise of salvation.

The BBC shares video evidence of one survivor confronting TB Joshua, where a security officer is heard threatening to shoot the woman.

The BBC investigation also exposes how the church orchestrated, managed, and exaggerated miracles showcased on television.

Individuals were allegedly instructed to amplify their problems for healing, and the subsequent healing was exaggerated to appear “perfected by God,” according to a source from the miracle department interviewed by the BBC.

What we can expect from the BBC’s TB Joshua documentry

The BBC’s documentary unravels a disturbing narrative surrounding the late TB Joshua, shedding light on alleged sexual crimes, staged miracles, and cover-ups within SCOAN.

The revelations, based on interviews with former members and workers, pose serious questions about the charismatic pastor’s conduct and the practices within the church.

As the documentary unfolds, it prompts reflection on the impact of such revelations on the legacy of a figure once revered by a global congregation.

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