1 South African Robber Killed in a Shootout with Zimbabwean Police

A South African national was one of two suspected criminals fatally shot during a confrontation with detectives from the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) in Arcadia, Harare.

According to Zimbabwe’s state media, The Herald newspaper, two suspected robbers, described as “operating from South Africa,” had entered the country with plans to engage in criminal activities, including kidnappings.

South African based robbers had their plans foiled by Zimbabwean police

South African based robbers had their plans foiled by Zimbabwean police.

ZRP national spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, stated in a communication seen by IOL that Jabulani Ngobeni, 45, a South African resident of Tzaneen, Limpopo, and Godknows Machingura, 44, died in a shootout with detectives in Harare.

What happened to the other South African citizens

Online publication ZimLive.com reported that fellow South African citizens Andrew Masubelele from Atteridgeville, west of Pretoria, Ndiafhi Makhado from Thsakhuma in Limpopo, Emmanuel Makamo based in Alberton, Johannesburg; as well as Paul Zhou, a Zimbabwean residing in Waterfalls, Harare, were arrested.

The gang allegedly planned to rob a Chinese businessman in Zimbabwe by ambushing his vehicle during his journey to Harare.

The ZRP announced that Masubelele, 38; Makhado, 39; Makamo, 22, and Zhou, 55, were arrested for conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

Ndiafhi Makhado, Jabulani Ngobeni, Andrew Masubelele, and Emmanuel Makhamo had traveled from South Africa with the intention of committing armed robberies,”

Nyathi said.

“On December 19, 2023, detectives from CID Homicide Harare received information that the suspects were booked at a guest house along Mauritius Road, Arcadia, Harare. The detectives raided the guest house, resulting in the suspects bolting out of the house.

“Jabulani Ngobeni fired shots towards the detectives, and a shootout ensued, resulting in Jabulani Ngobeni being shot on the hip. Subsequently, Jabulani Ngobeni, Ndiafhi Makhado, Andrew Masubelele, Paul Zhou, and Emmanuel Makamo were arrested.”

During the arrest, the police recovered a 9mm Star pistol loaded with four rounds of ammunition.

Makhado, Ngobeni, Masubele, and Makamo sustained injuries during the shootout and were taken to the Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals in Harare for treatment. Ngobeni died upon admission at the state-run health facility.

The ZRP stated that Paul Zhou confessed to booking the accommodation and hiring two vehicles, a Toyota Fortuner and a Honda Fit, after receiving $400 (about R7,300) from Machingura.

“The suspects revealed to the detectives that they had hatched a plan to commit robbery along Birmingham Road in Kwekwe. Machingura was said to be in Shamva, where he was monitoring the movement of their target,” Nyathi narrated.

“Subsequently, Machingura was lured to Morgan High School in Arcadia, Harare, where he was arrested after being shot in the groin following a speed chase and a shootout with the detectives.”

Machingura was reportedly monitoring a Chinese national targeted by the group for robbery.

Godknows Machingura, was a well known music promoter in Zimdancehall circles.

Godknows Machingura, was a well known music promoter in Zimdancehall circles.

During Machingura’s arrest, police recovered a 9mm Taurus pistol with a magazine loaded with nine bullets.

Machingura also died upon arrival at the Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police reiterates that any form of confrontation or armed clash with police reaction teams will be met with appropriate response,” said Nyathi.

“The police are concerned with the involvement of foreign nationals in conspiring to commit armed robbery cases in the country. Police detectives have also gathered information to the effect that the arrested criminals wanted to kidnap some prominent people in the country for ransom.”

The recent shootout in Harare, Zimbabwe, involving suspected criminals from South Africa has brought to light a complex web of criminal activities.

The arrests and fatalities reveal the challenges law enforcement faces in combating cross-border crime. As investigations continue, the incident serves as a reminder of the need for international cooperation in addressing organized crime.

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