Sonia and Matthew Booth’s divorce hits a brick wall as Bafana legend allegedly hides financial statements

Former model Sonia Booth and soccer legend Matthew Booth continue to be entangled in their divorce proceedings amid allegations of an extramarital affair and financial irregularities.

Sources close to Sonia reveal that Matthew had multiple affairs, causing the breakdown of their marriage. Despite the apparent evidence, Matthew refuses to submit his financial statements as ordered by the court.

This refusal has significantly delayed the divorce process, leaving Sonia frustrated. “She wants to be done with it,” said a source.

Matthew initially appealed the court’s decision but later withdrew the appeal. However, he has not complied with the financial disclosure order.

“He’s stalling the process,” the source said. “Sonia may file a contempt of court motion if he continues to delay.”

Sonia’s concerns stem not only from the emotional anguish but also from the potential financial implications. By withholding his financial statements, Matthew raises suspicions that he may be hiding assets or liabilities.

“Why else would he make excuses about submitting the other two-year bank statements the court ordered him to submit?” the source questioned.

The delays in the divorce proceedings are taking a toll on Sonia’s well-being. “I’m worried about her given how unnecessary the delays are,” the source said.

Sources speculate that Matthew had affairs in 2012 while playing for Ajax Cape Town. Sonia remained in Johannesburg with their eldest son to avoid disrupting his education.

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