Soccer player reportedly hijacked and abducted

Evans Rusike, a Premier Soccer League (PSL) player from Zimbabwe, was reportedly abducted and taken hostage on Tuesday, December 12.

Zimoja claims that the incident occurred in Midrand, Gauteng, and that Rusike’s apartment complex’s CCTV cameras caught it.

Four or five suspects reportedly parked a white car by the complex’s gate, as stated by the police. Reports suggest that the suspects raced to Rusike’s car.

He was then forcibly shoved him into the boot, and swiftly made their escape. It is alleged that he was left abandoned in a nearby forest.

“The information collected supported by the video footage at the gate, gave a clear picture of what transpired. A white car is seen parking by the estate gate with about four to five suspects exiting the car and quickly running to the luxurious car and forcing the victim out of his vehicle and putting him into their car before speeding off with him inside,” reads the police statement.

In a police statement, Rusike, a soccer player for Sekhukhune United in the PSL. He stated that he did not see the faces of the hijackers. In addition, he disclosed that the suspects had threatened to murder him if he didn’t comply.

Rusike stated in his statement that his car, which was only bank-insured and valued at R300,000, lacked a tracker.

Police spokesman Colonel Mavela Masondo confirmed a case of kidnapping and hijacking. He disclosed that it was reported to the Midrand Police Station.

Since no one has been taken into custody as of yet, an investigation is still in progress.

However, police reported that they discovered a connection between the vehicle’s number plate and another case at the Johannesburg Central Police station, which was used by the robbers to hijack Rusike.

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