She cheated – Real Housewives behaving badly as Brinnette trades verbal punches with Mrs Mops

Brinnette Seopela, one of the cast members of The Real Housewives of Johannesburg, has remained steadfast in her allegations of cheating against Mpumi “Mrs Mops” Mophatlane.

Despite the passage of time and the denial from Mrs Mops herself, Seopela reiterated her claims during a recent interview on The Venting Podcast.

Seopela made the initial accusation during the season 1 reunion of the reality show in 2020.

She stated that Mpumi was cheating on her husband, and she stands by her words.

In her recent interview, Seopela emphasized that she had facts and evidence to support her claims.

She also questioned whether Mrs Mops is still with her husband, implying that their relationship may have been affected by the allegations.

“The whole season was about Brinette. For me to tell it to her on national TV meant I’m not scared of her and I’m not taking it back, I’m saying it now, that I’m not scared of you. I’m saying that what I was saying was true. I had facts, [and] I had receipts. Is she still with her husband now?” Seopela said.

Seopela expressed her lack of fear towards Mrs Mops and her determination to stand by her accusations.

She stated that the entire season was centered around her, and she had no qualms about confronting Mrs Mops on national television.

Seopela’s confidence in her claims remained unwavering, and she made it clear that she would not retract her statements.

On the other hand, Mrs Mops vehemently denied the cheating allegations. She described the words as hurtful and insisted that she is happily married.

Despite Seopela’s persistence, Mrs Mops maintained her innocence and expressed her disappointment in the situation.

The ongoing feud between these two cast members has undoubtedly caused tension and drama on The Real Housewives of Johannesburg.

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