Sex pest teacher axed after he harrassed female students and a colleague

An education council has made a significant decision to dismiss a Mpumalanga teacher, Nkosinathi Msiza, who pleaded guilty to charges of sexually harassing five pupils and a female colleague.

This action highlights the importance of protecting students and maintaining a safe learning environment.

The charges against Mr. Msiza stemmed from incidents that were reported by the affected pupils.

One of the charges included improper physical contact with a grade 11 pupil on August 21 of last year.

It was alleged that he hugged her tightly, kissed or attempted to kiss her, and touched her private parts.

These actions are not only inappropriate but also a violation of a student’s dignity and personal space.

Another incident occurred during the school holiday in June or July of last year when Mr. Msiza invited a grade 11 pupil to the school.

He then proceeded to lock her in a side room of his office, where he touched her on her breasts and buttocks while attempting to kiss her.

This behavior is absolutely unacceptable and goes against the fundamental principles of respect and professionalism that teachers should uphold.

Furthermore, on August 27, 2022, Mr. Msiza demanded to sleep with a grade 10 pupil.

When she refused, he sent her a WhatsApp message stating that it was her loss.

This kind of coercion and manipulation is deeply troubling and has no place in any educational setting.

The ELRC’s decision to dismiss Mr. Msiza sends a strong message that such behavior will not be tolerated in the education system.

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