Netizens slam Mondli Ngcobo for being a deadbeat dad after his baby mama Mandy Malebo allegedly took her own life

The unfortunate death of Mandy Malebo, the baby mama of South African musician and producer Mondli Ngcobo, has sparked a heated debate on social media.

Mandy, who had been battling depression for a long time, sadly took her own life. However, what has caused a stir on social media is the blame being placed on Mondli for her tragic demise.

Mandy had reportedly called out the musician several times for neglecting their son and being a deadbeat dad.

It was revealed that Mondli only provided R1500 for child maintenance, but he was allegedly not actively involved in his son’s life.

Many social media users have argued that this neglect contributed to Mandy’s depression and eventual suicide.

One Twitter user wrote, “Mondli Ngcobo needs to take responsibility for his actions. It’s not enough to just provide financial support; being there for your child emotionally is equally important. Neglecting your child can have serious consequences.”

However, not everyone agreed with this sentiment. Some defended Mondli, arguing that mental health issues are complex and cannot be solely attributed to one person’s actions.

They argued that it is unfair to blame him for Mandy’s depression and tragic end.

Another user tweeted, “Depression is a serious illness that can have various causes. It is not fair to solely blame Mondli for Mandy’s mental health struggles. We need to focus on raising awareness about mental health and providing support to those who are suffering.”

The incident has divided Mzansi Twitter, with heated discussions taking place about the responsibilities of fathers and the impact of neglect on mental health.

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