Doja Cat reveals she sadly has never met her dad

Singer and rapper Doja Cat opened up about her non-existent relationship with her father, South African actor Dumisani Dlamini.

She revealed that she has never met her father, but despite this, she still gave him his flowers in the interview.

When asked about her relationship with her dad, Doja Cat responded, “No, I’ve never met my dad.”

This revelation sheds light on the absence of a father figure in her life. However, despite this, she remains appreciative of her father’s contribution to her life.

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During the interview, the singer also discussed her plans to visit South Africa, her father’s home country.

She admitted that she has not yet visited the country and relies on her career to take her to different places.

She expressed her reluctance to fly, especially on long flights, which has hindered her from making the trip.

Doja cat and her father

Doja cat pictured with her father

The star shared a heartwarming moment when she met actor Whoopi Goldberg, who was part of the cast of Sarafina, a Broadway show that her father was involved in.

She revealed that seeing Goldberg reminded her of her dad and described the experience as “crazy.”

When Goldberg asked for her father’s name, her response shocked her, further emphasizing the absence of a connection between them.

This interview provides a glimpse into the personal life of Doja Cat and the impact of her father’s absence.

Despite never having met him, she still acknowledges his presence in her life and gives him credit for his involvement in Sarafina.

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