Bheki Cele gets worried

Police Minister Bheki Cele has expressed concern over the increasing attacks against Community Policing Forum (CPF) members and crime activists.

Speaking outside the Athlone Magistrate’s Court in Cape Town, where a suspect linked to the murder of Gugulethu CPF Deputy Chairperson, Lulama Dinginto, appeared, Cele emphasized the need for a broader policy to protect CPF members.

Bheki Cele concern following the muder of Lulama Dinginto

Slain CPF member Lulama Dinginto

Dinginto was tragically shot multiple times in her home in Gugulethu just a week ago, allegedly by suspects who broke in.

This incident highlights the growing danger faced by CPF members who are actively involved in combating crime within their communities.

Bheki Cele gives reasons for attacks on CPF members

According to Cele, the rise in attacks against CPF members suggests that criminals are becoming more audacious and desperate.

He stresses the importance of implementing better protection measures for individuals working against crime, stating that not everyone can rely solely on the South African Police Service for their safety.

Police minister Bheki Cele

Police Minister Bheki Cele

Cele suggests that there needs to be a clear understanding of how to respond when a threat is deemed credible.

The role of CPF members and crime activists in the fight against crime cannot be underestimated.

They play a crucial part in bridging the gap between the community and the police, working together to create safer neighborhoods.

Their dedication and commitment to their communities often make them targets for criminals who seek to intimidate and silence them.

The recent attack on Dinginto serves as a stark reminder of the risks these individuals face.

It is imperative that the government takes immediate action to ensure the safety and protection of CPF members.

A comprehensive policy that addresses the specific needs and challenges faced by these individuals is essential.

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