Bafana Sithole’s last words after false rape accusations

This past weekend, the hashtag #JusticeForBafanaSithole gained popularity as word spread about the Mpumalanga learner, Bafana Sithole, who allegedly committed suicide after being falsely accused of rape.

The Grade 11 student from Kriel High School in Emalahleni, Mpumalanga, allegedly committed suicide on Thursday while on the school’s premises.

The provincial department of education claims that Bafana Sithole hanged himself on Thursday morning in the storage area for the classrooms. The details behind this tragedy were unknown at the time, according to the department, but it became clear in the days that followed that he had planned to commit suicide after being wrongly accused of rape by a classmate.

The classmate who allegedly accused him of rape has been named as Amanda Nzimande.

Girl who allegedly accused Bafana Sithole of rape

Gerald Sambo, a spokesman for Mpumalanga’s department of education, confirmed the incident and added that one of the teachers discovered the student’s body hanging in a classroom storage.

In what is thought to be a heartfelt suicide letter that Sithole wrote to his mother and that has since gone viral on social media, Sithole claims that his spirit will not rest in peace since people who accused him of being a rapist sent him to death.
Mama I hope you receive this letter.

I’ll be gone by the time you finish reading this. Let me love you and leave you,” the letter’s opening line reads.

Last words of Bafana Sithole

Suicide note for Bafana Sithole


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