Ace Magashule’s nephew and an MEC’s brother are in hot water

The Free State government has started an inquest a fraudulent scheme which has seen Bafana Mashinini getting the axe.

The scheme was uncovered when an investigation was launched into the issuing of liquor licenses in the province.

It was discovered that Mashinini had colluded with two other officials, Papi Magashule and Dr Kennedy Mahlatsi, to carry out the fraudulent activities.

Magashule, who is the nephew of ANC Secretary-General Ace Magashule, and Mahlatsi were found to have been complicit in the scheme.

They were accused of using their positions to facilitate the fraudulent issuing of liquor licenses.

The disciplinary hearing found that Mashinini had created fake minutes of a board meeting, in which he claimed that the licenses had been approved.

He then used these fake minutes to issue the licenses to the four outlets.

The fraudulent issuing of liquor licenses is a serious offense, as it undermines the integrity of the licensing process and allows for the illegal sale of alcohol.


It also has the potential to contribute to issues such as underage drinking and alcohol-related crime.


The FSGLTA is responsible for regulating and overseeing the gambling, liquor, and tourism industries in the Free State province.

It is essential that the authority carries out its duties with integrity and transparency to ensure the proper functioning of these industries.

The firing of Mashinini and the guilty findings against Magashule and Mahlatsi send a strong message that corruption and fraudulent activities will not be tolerated.

It is crucial that those in positions of power are held accountable for their actions and that measures are put in place to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.


No comment could be obtained from all three accused.



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