Zimbabwean woman goes on the run after killing her husband using boiling water in Cape Town

An incident in Cape Town has captured the attention of social media users as Zimbabwean woman Blessing Shumba reportedly killed her husband Moses Mutukwa, using boiling water.

A Zimbabwean publication claims that the motive behind the incident remains undisclosed, with some speculating that it may have stemmed from a lovers’ quarrel between the couple.

Following the attack, Blessing Shumba fled the scene, prompting a search by law enforcement officials.

Calls for information on her whereabouts have circulated on social media platforms, urging cooperation with the police.

Online voices have also called for Shumba to surrender herself to authorities, potentially seeking leniency in legal proceedings.

As the search for Blessing Shumba continues, mourners have gathered to bid farewell to the deceased, Moses Mutukwa, with funeral arrangements already in motion.

Reports suggest a shared history between the couple, with Moses Mutukwa allegedly having a prior marriage and children, sparking speculation and debate among online sources.

Their social media activity depicted a seemingly affectionate relationship, leaving observers puzzled by the tragic turn of events.

The couple often shared pictures together, displaying what appeared to be deep love for each other.

The circumstances surrounding the incident have raised questions and concerns about the complexities of relationships and the impact of domestic conflicts.

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