Zimbabwean woman attacks her South African boyfriend and disappears with lobola money

A tragic incident has rocked the community of Cape Town, South Africa, as a man named Moses Mtukwa has lost his life allegedly due to an altercation over lobola money with his wife, Moreblessing Nyakunu.

The Sunday Mail states that the couple, originally from Mutare, Zimbabwe, found themselves embroiled in a heated dispute that ended in a devastating outcome.

According to reports, the conflict erupted over funds earmarked for Nyakunu’s lobola, a traditional African custom where a bride’s family receives payment from the groom’s family as part of marriage negotiations.

The disagreement reached a horrifying climax when Nyakunu purportedly scalded her husband with boiling cooking oil, inflicting severe injuries that ultimately led to his demise.

Moses’ elder brother, Davison Mtukwa, shared heartbreaking details of the ordeal. “My brother died due to the serious injuries he sustained after being scalded with cooking oil,” Davison lamented.

He also revealed that Nyakunu absconded with a substantial sum of money, both in South African rand and US dollars, intended for her lobola, leaving the family in shock and anguish.

The distressing aspect of the situation was exacerbated by Nyakunu’s deceitful behavior, as she allegedly concealed Moses’ hospitalization from his relatives.

Despite repeated inquiries, she purportedly misled concerned family members, falsely assuring them that Moses was safe at home.

Davison recounted the distressing moment when they discovered Moses’ dire condition, five days after his admission to the hospital.

It was only then that they realized the severity of the situation and the urgent need for medical intervention, compounded by the absence of the lobola funds.

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