Zimbabwean pastor bust for teaming up with his sister and smuggling his 12-year-old daughter

Collaborating with his sister, a Zimbabwean pastor has pleaded guilty to child smuggling after paying for his 12-year-old daughter to be illegally brought into the country.

Trust Cherigo, aged 40, along with his sister Anywhere Cherigo, aged 38, and the transporter Watson Milidzani Ncube, aged 33, admitted to the charges in an effort to expedite the legal process.

Expressing remorse for his actions, Trust Cherigo explained to the Francistown Magistrates’ Court, “I left my children in Zimbabwe, and they need me, my worship. I just want this matter to finish so I can go back home.”

Anywhere Cherigo, who is the child’s aunt and caretaker in Harare while the mother resides in South Africa, enlisted Ncube to facilitate the illegal entry of the girl into Botswana, compensating him with US$25 for his services.

On February 1st, Anywhere legally entered Botswana at Ramokgwebana Border Post, while Ncube and the child crossed the border near Jackalas village, trekking through dense bush for hours in harsh conditions.

The plan was for the Cherigos to reunite in Francistown, where Trust, an apostle at the Johan Masowe Church, intended to take his daughter shopping for clothes.

However, their scheme unraveled at Bissoli Gate, near Tshesebe, when police intercepted the minibus that Ncube and the girl were traveling in.

Concerned for the child’s well-being, the authorities questioned Ncube, who admitted to the illicit operation.

The Cherigos were subsequently apprehended the following day.

The trio is scheduled to appear in court for the reading of facts and sentencing, with Trust facing additional challenges due to his illegal presence in the country.

Meanwhile, the young girl, who had been placed in a safe house in Francistown, has since been returned to her relatives in Zimbabwe.

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