Woman stabbed her married boyfriend to death with a bottle of sherry

A tragic incident in Gqeberha has left a community in shock after a woman allegedly stabbed her married lover to death with a broken sherry bottle before flagging down a police van.

The suspect, a Gqeberha woman, is set to appear in the New Brighton Magistrate’s Court today to face a charge of murder.

According to police spokesperson Captain Sandra Janse van Rensburg, the chilling incident unfolded at a residence in Sowetoon-Sea on Sunday.

The woman reportedly confessed to the police officers who arrived at the scene that she had fatally stabbed her boyfriend.

Upon further investigation, the man was found dead in a room with a stab wound on his leg.

Captain Janse van Rensburg stated, “She [allegedly] stabbed her partner in the leg,” shedding light on the gruesome details of the crime.

The woman’s decision to flag down the police van added a surreal element to the unfolding tragedy, leaving authorities and neighbors stunned by the sudden turn of events.

As the investigation continues, the names and ages of both the suspect and the victim have not been released, pending notification of the man’s next of kin.

The scene of the crime, marked by a flipped mattress, blood splatters, and a lingering smell of alcohol, painted a grim picture of the violent confrontation.

Neighbours expressed shock at the news, revealing that the victim was reportedly married to another woman who lived nearby.
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