Woman exposes her foreign domestic worker for using Muti in her household

A TikTok video has gone viral, sparking outrage and speculation after a woman exposed her domestic worker for allegedly using ‘muti’ within her household.

The creator, known as @thandekam24, shared a two-part video detailing the discovery and questioning the helper, who is from Lesotho.

‘Muti’, a traditional African medicine, can be used for various purposes, both healing and harmful, depending on the intent. In the video, Thandeka explained that recurring dreams led her to believe something was amiss.

She then discovered her underwear wrapped in ‘muti’ within the helper’s belongings.

The video quickly gained traction, leaving many viewers shocked and concerned.  Some sympathized with Thandeka, while others speculated about the helper’s motives. 

Comments ranged from questioning the decision to hire a foreign worker to suggesting the ‘muti’ might have been for personal use.

One user even speculated that the helper intended to cause a separation between Thandeka and her husband, potentially for her own daughter’s benefit.

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