Wife hits brick wall after she tried claiming money belonging to her missing husband

A woman’s quest to access her missing husband’s provident fund has hit a roadblock, leaving his affairs in legal limbo.

The Mondi Mpact Group Fund Provident Section has refused to pay out the member’s fund credit to his wife, N Krishna, citing the lack of confirmation regarding his status.

The fund credit, totaling over R251,000 as of January 31, 2021, remains inaccessible to N Krishna as she seeks resolution through the Office of the pension funds adjudicator.

The adjudicator’s office, established to address disputes related to pension funds, aims to resolve issues fairly and efficiently.

Mr. N Krishna, a former employee of Mondi Limited, had his benefits made paid up from February 1, 2021.

His wife reported him missing in September 2020 and requested access to his benefit, as she faces financial challenges without his support.

However, the fund highlighted legal restrictions preventing the payment of benefits to a third party without proper confirmation of the member’s status.

The wife’s request did not align with the provisions outlined in section 37D of the act governing pension funds.

The fund emphasized the necessity of a supporting death certificate from the Department of Home Affairs to confirm the member’s death before any benefits could be allocated.

As of now, there is no definitive confirmation regarding the husband’s status, leaving the situation in a state of uncertainty.

The case highlights the complexities surrounding missing persons and the challenges faced by their families in accessing financial resources.

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