White man accuses his Nigerian wife of sleeping with a friend while 5 months pregnant

A scandal has rocked the social media world as Nigerian dancer and reality TV star Korra Obidi faces accusations of infidelity from her estranged white husband, Dr Justin Dean.

The shocking revelation by iharare came to light when Dr Dean took to social media to expose his wife’s alleged adulterous affair while she was five months pregnant with their child.

In a series of WhatsApp messages shared by Dr Justin Dean, Korra Obidi is seen engaging in intimate conversations with her friend’s soon-to-be husband during a trip to Nigeria for a wedding.

“So I was upset because I found out that my ex-wife had been sleeping around while pregnant with our daughter, which is very risky business. Like you get an STD while pregnant that’s a big deal,” a flustered Dr Justin Dean explains after abandoning reading the WhatsApp conversation.

The messages reveal explicit details of their affair, with Korra complimenting her lover on his skills and hinting at risky behavior while pregnant.

Dr Justin Dean, visibly upset and flustered, expressed his shock and disappointment at discovering his wife’s betrayal.

He highlighted the potential health risks involved in engaging in extramarital affairs while pregnant, emphasizing the seriousness of the situation.

In response to the allegations, Korra Obidi vehemently denied the accusations, claiming that the WhatsApp messages were fabricated and doctored.

She refuted the claims of infidelity and defended her integrity as a mother-to-be, stating that she would never engage in such behavior with her child in her womb.

“This never happened, all the text messages are doctored. I never did this. I can never do this with my child in me. This man has told many lies but this particular one with my child involved. I can’t wait to dance to the karma that is waiting for him,” part of her response reads.

However, the drama did not end there, as Korra went on to accuse Dr Justin Dean of being abusive and making inappropriate requests from her fans.

She also alleged that he had cheated on her multiple times during their marriage, painting a picture of a tumultuous relationship filled with deceit and betrayal.

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