Weirdest diets in football including Ronaldo’s avocado’s, Haaland’s kekab pizza and Song’s KFC obsession

Footballers are known for their strict diets aimed at maintaining peak physical condition.

However, some players have adopted unconventional eating habits that deviate from the norm.

Despite the increasing demands of the game, a few mavericks still swim against the tide when it comes to their meals. Let’s explore some of the most unusual football diets of both past and present superstars.

Erling Haaland:
Erling Haaland, the Manchester City star, has been described as a “freak” who consumes food like a bear. He follows a unique diet that includes eating six meals a day, totaling around 4,000 calories. While he typically enjoys healthy options like swordfish, sea bass, and sea bream with fresh vegetables, his standout favorite is the kebab pizza.

Dino Zoff:
Italian goalkeeper Dino Zoff, considered one of the greatest stoppers of all time, owes his growth and success partly to a dietary tip from his grandmother. In order to support his growth, Zoff’s grandmother had him consume eight eggs a day. This unconventional diet paid off, as Zoff grew to 6ft and went on to have a successful professional career, including an 11-year stint at Juventus.

Cristiano Ronaldo:
Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has maintained his physical prowess and goal-scoring ability even at the age of 38. Ronaldo’s diet is unique in that he believes in having six smaller meals throughout the day instead of three larger ones. This approach ensures that his energy levels remain high during his intense gym routines. Ronaldo’s diet primarily consists of chicken, avocados, salad, and fruit, with an emphasis on high protein and low fat.

Brian Clough:
The late Brian Clough achieved remarkable success as a football manager, leading Derby County and Nottingham Forest to glory, including two European Cups. Clough was known for his unconventional methods, including a memorable incident before Forest’s 1979 League Cup final against Southampton. Clough insisted that his players get drunk at the team hotel, creating a unique bonding experience and unorthodox preparation for the match.

Yasuyuki Konno:
Yasuyuki Konno, a Japanese defender who enjoyed a successful career with 21 caps for his country and two J. League titles, had an unexpected obsession with ice cream. Inoha, now retired, claimed to eat three portions of ice cream daily, even indulging in one while in the bath. He would discuss the various ice cream brands with his teammates and continues to offer recommendations on social media.

Alex Song:
Alex Song, the former Arsenal midfielder, had a successful career playing for top clubs such as Barcelona and West Ham. Despite his achievements on the field, his former teammate Emmanuel Frimpong claimed that Song would indulge in KFC before each game at the Emirates Stadium. Frimpong, who spoke to the Telegraph in 2018, revealed that Song would eat chicken nuggets on the bus to the team hotel the night before the match.

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