WATCH: “My 3 brothers from Malawi are dead, many workers were from Mozambique and Zimbabwe” – George building developer faces scrutiny for employing undocumented foreigners

The developer of the collapsed building in George, which tragically claimed the lives of seven individuals, is facing growing scrutiny for allegedly employing undocumented foreign workers.

As rescue efforts continue and investigations unfold, questions are being raised about the developer’s practices and potential culpability in the disaster.

SABC News interviewed a worker, Patrick Maseko, who confirmed that three of the deceased were undocumented immigrants from Malawi.

He also highlighted that a vast majority of the workers were also from Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

This revelation has sparked outrage and calls for accountability, with many questioning the ethics and legality of employing undocumented workers in such a high-risk environment.

Mayor Leon van Wyk of the George Municipality identified the developer responsible for the collapsed building as NeoTrend Group.

According to van Wyk, the plans for the building were submitted in December 2022 and approved in July 2023.

The building was intended for completion and occupancy on August 1, 2024, but tragically collapsed on May 6, 2024.

Emergency teams and various services have been working tirelessly at the scene, rescuing survivors and recovering the bodies of those who perished. As of now, 48 individuals remain unaccounted for, and the death toll stands at seven.

The South African Police Services have declared the area a crime scene, and investigations are underway to determine the cause of the collapse.

The focus has now shifted to the developer, NeoTrend Group, and their potential role in the tragedy.

Employing undocumented workers not only raises ethical concerns but also suggests possible negligence in ensuring the safety and well-being of all workers on the site.

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