Voilla Ncube accuses Charlotte Maxeke hospital staff of amputating her entire leg instead of just removing her toe

Voilla Ncube’s story is a heart-wrenching tale of alleged mistreatment and abuse at Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital.

What was supposed to be a simple toe removal turned into a nightmare that left Ncube disabled and unable to support her family.

Ncube, who suffers from diabetes, initially went to a private clinic to have her toe removed due to sores.

However, lacking the funds for the operation, she was directed to Charlotte Maxeke hospital.

Little did she know the horrors that awaited her there.

Upon admission on 16 October, Ncube was left waiting for surgery for two weeks without proper care.

Her toe began to fester and infect her foot, but nurses were unable to provide any answers or assistance.

Finally, a doctor arrived to prepare her for surgery, and Ncube consented to having her leg amputated just above the ankle.

However, the post-surgery care Ncube received was abysmal.

Weak, hungry, and in excruciating pain, she woke up to find that her leg had not been stitched up.

Even worse, her wound was never washed or dressed, leaving her vulnerable to infection.

Ncube’s experience highlights the severe lack of care and compassion shown by the nurses at Charlotte Maxeke hospital.

Despite her consent to the amputation, the disregard for her well-being and the failure to provide basic post-operative care is deeply disturbing.

This case raises important questions about the treatment of patients in public hospitals and the responsibility of healthcare professionals.

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