Video: Woman breaks the internet by claiming she has not eaten any food for 16 years

How many hours can you go without eating any food or drinking anything? Not long for sure.

This makes Muluwork Alemu’s story truly astonishing, as she claims to have lost her appetite for food at a very young age and has not ingested a single morsel in the last 16 years.

Her revelation brings to light an unusual and perplexing case that has left many questioning the science behind the human body and the limits of its endurance.

In an interview with a UK-based YouTuber, Muluwork shared her baffling experience, stating, “I have never eaten in the last 16 years. I lost my appetite during my primary school days.”

This extraordinary declaration raises countless questions about the human body’s capacity to survive without sustenance for such an extended period.

What makes Muluwork’s case even more puzzling is the fact that she claims to have also abstained from drinking water for over a decade. This defies the basic principles of human survival, as water is an essential component for the body to function properly.

While Muluwork’s physical condition remains a mystery, she disclosed that she sought medical attention, and even visited a doctor in Dubai.

However, the results failed to establish any physical ailment in her stomach, leading the doctor to question her mental state.

This prompts an exploration into the potential psychological factors that may have contributed to her unprecedented aversion to food and water.

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