Video of Gcinile and Grootman leaked

The relationship and break-up drama is far from over. The once-famous social media couple is topped trends after an apparently jealous Grootman called out his baby mama for moving on after their breakup, even demanding she return the things he bought her and recently a compromising video of the couple has been leaked.

Former social media power couple, Themba “Grootman” Selahle and Gcinile Twala, are once again the talk of the town. The makeup artist shared a glimpse into their messy breakup on her Instagram page, posting screenshots of messages from her baby daddy, who was distraught over her moving on and threatened to leak their videos.

A few days after an anonymous X user attempted to leak a video of the couple through an influencer, the part 1 of 35 has reached the internet.

Not only that, but Grootman appears determined to prevent his baby mama from moving on, wanting her all to himself. In a separate screenshot, the controversial forex trader demanded that Gcinile return everything he ever bought her.

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