‘Unemployable’ Oscar Pistorius allegedly has his CV thrown out

Despite serving only half of his 13-year prison sentence for the tragic murder of his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, former South African Paralympian Oscar Pistorius is reportedly taking steps to reintegrate into society and seek employment opportunities in the sports industry.

Since his release on parole in January, Pistorius has maintained a low profile, adhering to strict instructions to avoid media contact while residing with a family member in Pretoria.

Recent reports from international news publication New York Post suggest that Pistorius has been actively pursuing job prospects in sports, reaching out to members of the International Paralympic Committee with his resume.

However, his efforts were met with rejection, with one member reportedly citing concerns about working with someone of Pistorius’ controversial background.

The rejection was bluntly stated, with the member reportedly remarking, “He is too toxic to work with now. There is nothing for him here.”

Despite facing challenges in securing employment within the Paralympic Committee, Pistorius remains determined to rebuild his life and career post-incarceration.

The athlete has a storied history in the Paralympics, achieving significant successes in 2004, 2008, and 2012, as well as making history as the first double amputee to compete against able-bodied athletes in the 2012 Summer Olympics.

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