Undocumented Mozambican teenager, 16, arrested for drug dealing and attempted murder

A 16 year old undocumented Mozambican National was arrested for drug possession and attempted murder in Redcliffe, KZN, on Saturday.

According to reports, a member of the Redcliffe Community Policing Forum (CPF) contacted Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) at approximately 10:42 on  Saturday requesting assistance on Redcliffe Drive in Redcliffe in KZN.

On arrival, Reaction Officers were informed that two teenagers attempted to enter Redcliffe Primary School on Friday afternoon. The church congregation who were conducting their Good Friday Service on the school premises approached the teenagers and questioned their intentions.

Tablets found

One of the boys was found in possession of 76 Xanax tablets. Members of the congregation attempted contacting Law Enforcement for several hours without success. They thereafter released the teenagers but kept the narcotics.

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The 16 year old later return to the school with a gang with the intention of recovering the prescription medication. A Private Security Officer positioned at the entrance of the school denied the group access onto the premises. One member the the group produce a knife and repeatedly stabbed the Security Officer on his head.

Undocumented teenager and friends attack Security officer

Injured Security Officer

The church congregation heard the commotion and proceeded to the injured male’s assistance. The suspects demanded that the narcotics be handed over to them and started throwing bricks and stones at the church goers.

The congregation managed to defend themselves. The suspects threatened to return and burn down the church which operates out of a marquee on the school premises.

They once again contacted Law Enforcement without success. The injured Security Officer was also taken privately to hospital where he received multiple stitvhed to his head.

On Saturday, during church service the teenage suspect was noticed loitering outside the school. He was once again apprehended and the RUSA Operations Center was contacted.

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During an interview with Reaction Officers, the teenager stated that he entered South Africa illegally in 2020. According to him, he was staying with his uncle in an area popularly known as Sand Pit in Redcliffe – KZN.

His undocumented uncle was arrested and deported back to Mozambique last year. He has since been left to fend for him himself and allegedly has no other family in South Africa.

Undocumented teenager handed over to the police

He further informed Reaction Officers that he obtains his supply of Xanax from an individual in the Verulam CBD – KZN. He then sells the powerful antidepressant to scholars.

The undocumented teenager and the evidence was handed over to the Verulam police for further investigation.


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