Undocumented foreign gardener kills his female boss in ‘revenge attack’ after she accused him of stealing R800

A 77-year-old grandmother, Ramrathie Rajcoomar, was found strangled to death in her Sastri Park home in Phoenix, allegedly in a “revenge attack” by her undocumented foreign gardener.

The devastating incident unfolded after the elderly woman confronted the gardener about the theft of money from her relative’s home.

The suspect had been employed by several residents in the area for gardening services.

According to Rajen Rajcoomar, the son of the victim, his mother was a diligent and organized individual who was preparing for a family prayer on the day of the attack.

He recounted the horrifying details of the incident, stating, “She was wearing a Punjabi and he used her scarf to strangle her.

The assailant is believed to have taken money from the house and attempted to cover up the crime by tampering with items in the lounge before fleeing the scene with the house keys.

The suspect’s actions were reportedly prompted by the victim’s confrontation regarding the theft of money from a relative’s home.

Despite warnings against confronting the gardener, Ramrathie Rajcoomar felt compelled to address the issue directly.

“He unlocked the main gate used to enter the property and left with the keys and lock. Neighbours saw the man leaving my mother’s house and identified him as her gardener. They contacted my sister because they felt something was amiss.”

When his sister arrived at the house she found their mother.

“This gardener had worked for most of the residents on the road. My mother had referred him to my aunty, who is a widow.

“She needed work done at her home. He went to work for her one day either in December or January. It was alleged that during this time he had stolen about R800 from my aunty’s house.”

The family suspects that the subsequent murder was a vengeful act in response to being exposed for the theft.

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