Two girls, 4 and 7,burned to death by gang looking for their father

Police are actively investigating four counts of murder and four counts of attempted murder following a shooting incident and the burning of a shack that resulted in the deaths of two children in Soshanguve on Sunday, June 2, 2024, around 19:30.

A team of experienced detectives tracking down the suspects who allegedly shot six people and set fire to a shack where two young girls, aged four and seven, were sleeping.

According to reports, armed suspects arrived at a shebeen in the Changing Spot Informal Settlement in Soshanguve and opened fire on the patrons. Two victims, a male and a female, died at the scene, while the other four were transported to a medical care center for treatment.

The suspects then allegedly proceeded to a nearby shack and set it ablaze while the two girls were inside. Both children were pronounced dead at the scene. Preliminary investigations indicate that the suspects were targeting the girls’ father, who was not home at the time.

Police are collaborating with local residents and following leads that may soon lead to the suspects’ arrest.


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