Top lawyer hired a hitman to kill his Zimbabwean wife after his attempts to get her deported failed

A top American lawyer, Allen Gessen, has been sentenced to ten years in prison for hiring a hitman to kill his ex-wife, Priscilla Chigariro, a Zimbabwean national.

iHarare reports that the 49-year-old attorney from Massachusetts was caught in an FBI sting operation after attempting to bribe an immigration official and then seeking a hitman to eliminate Chigariro.

“This case is about a man who tried to take the law into his own hands,” stated U.S. Attorney Ismail J. Ramsey.

“He sought to resolve a custody dispute through violence and murder-for-hire, and he will now spend years in prison for his crime.”

Gessen’s plot unraveled when he encountered an undercover FBI agent during a money laundering investigation. He revealed his bitter history with Chigariro, including a custody battle over their children.

He initially attempted to bribe an immigration official for her deportation, but later opted for a more sinister solution.

Believing it to be a “cheaper and more permanent” solution, Gessen offered $50,000 to have Chigariro killed, ensuring full custody of their children.

He eventually wired $23,000 to an undercover FBI account, providing details about her whereabouts and routine.

“Gessen’s actions were not only illegal, but they were also incredibly dangerous,” remarked Special Agent in Charge Robert K. Tripp.

“He put a target on his ex-wife’s back, and he is fortunate that the FBI was able to intervene before anyone was harmed.”

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