Mob justice shows no mercy to thieves on the run

In Bramley View, located in Gauteng Province, phone thieves were assaulted by community mob justice before they could successfully execute their plan. The incident occurred on the afternoon of 26 April 2022 and demonstrated the community’s commitment to safety and vigilance.

Mob justice assaults thieves

Picture: Supplied

The suspects allegedly robbed a schoolgirl off her cellphone on Kew 10th Road. After the robbery, they fled towards Bramley View, but the residents quickly noticed the incident and pursued the suspects. The chase led the suspects to be cornered on Van Der Linde Street.

Community members managed to catch and detain the phone snatchers before they could escape. Although the suspects were briefly held by the community, the police intervened and took them into custody, preventing any further harm to the suspects.

Picture: Supplied

The stolen phone was later recovered from the suspects’ possession, confirming their involvement in the crime.

The swift actions of the community members played an important role in ensuring the safety of the neighbourhood and helping law enforcement in capturing the suspects.


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