“These are for you” – Woman narrates her ex-boyfriend’s chilling words as he shot her before killing her boss

A Cape Town woman testified in court on Wednesday, recounting the terrifying experience of receiving bullets from her spurned lover.

After shooting her, he turned his gun to her boss, killing her instantly.

Ivan Mogakane is on trial in connection with the 2022 murder of the City of Cape Town’s first black female scientific officer, Mpharu Hloyi.

The woman described the incident as “a nightmare” and expressed relief at being able to share her story.

In her testimony, the woman revealed that her ex-boyfriend, Mogakane, had given her the bullets as a threatening gesture after their relationship had ended.

“He told me that the bullets were ‘for me,'” she said, adding that she felt “paralyzed with fear” upon receiving them.

The woman also detailed how Mogakane had followed her and made repeated attempts to contact her, despite her clear desire to end the relationship.

The woman’s testimony serves as a chilling reminder of the potential danger and harm that can arise from failed relationships.

It also highlights the prevalence of domestic violence and the need for measures to protect individuals from abusive partners.

As the woman bravely spoke out about her experience, she sent a powerful message to other victims of relationship-related threats and violence: “Do not suffer in silence. Speak out and seek help.”

Her testimony is a testament to the strength and resilience of survivors of abuse.

The case continues.

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