One suspect burned to death after his gang killed blind pastor during church robbery

A blind pastor was tragically shot and killed by a gang of criminals who robbed and fired at congregants during prayers in the early hours of Saturday morning in Ivory Park extension two, Thembisa.

In a courageous response, members of the community rallied alongside the congregants to pursue the criminals. They managed to apprehend one suspect, who was then stoned and burned to death.

Apostle Siboniso Ngobese, president of the Zion churches in the area, shared details on the incident with Scrolla.Africa.

“They came carrying guns and ordered everyone to lie down and surrender their valuables like phones and money,” he said.

Ngobese said a blind pastor lifted his head and was shot and killed and three congregants sustained gunshot wounds.

“Criminals might not have realised that he was blind. They might have thought he was defiant and trying to see their faces,” said Ngobese.

He mentioned that the assailants took one of the pastors and his wife into their residence on the church premises, where they proceeded to rob them of money and the wife’s phone.

“She didn’t bring the phone into the church. When she couldn’t give the criminals her phone, two of the armed men pushed her and her husband into the house at gunpoint,” said Ngobese.

“The other robbers remained in the church, searching the congregants as they fired shots in the air.”


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