Exclusive| Sunnyside Police state accomodation allegedly granted to foreign nationals and through sex and bribery

Sex and money allegedly required for access to state accommodation at Sunnyside police station. This police station manages several residences for its members in and around Pretoria.

Residences that have been identified are: Daeraat Flat at 53 Johannes Ramokhoase Street, Nongai Park on Diana Road in Lynwood, Waterkloof Heights in Waterkloof, Monument Park, Moresta Flat in Arcadia, Suiderland Flat on Celliers Street in Sunnyside, and the Police Barracks along Rissik Street in Sunnyside.

According to sources, Sunnyside Police Station’s Supply Chain Management is deeply corrupt. Officials allegedly demand between R10,000 and R20,000 from members applying for State accommodation. For female applicants, the demand extends to sexual favours.

Investigations revealed that qualified applicants are often overlooked. In some cases, foreigners occupy these accommodations. Additionally, the siblings of Supply Chain Management officials, who are not South African Police Service (SAPS) employees, allegedly reside in these houses.

SAPS officials reportedly at the center of this corruption are said to grant verbal approvals for accommodation but install burglar doors if the bribe is not paid.

Members attempting to move in without paying are reported for housebreaking and trespassing. At least three officers have faced criminal charges for these actions.

Furthermore, some individuals who have resigned or retired continue to live in State houses illegally. Some houses are reportedly registered under the names of deceased members, yet are occupied without service payments.

Foreign nationals and individuals working in banks and security companies are also said to occupy State houses meant for SAPS employees.

Brigadier Brenda Muridili, the Gauteng Provincial Police Spokesperson, acknowledged awareness of retired or resigned members still occupying State houses. “Management conducts annual audits at identified quarters and works with Legal Services to take legal action against former employees who refuse to vacate and members who have occupied premises without following Housing Policy 3 of 2016,” said Muridili.

She confirmed that three cases of housebreaking and trespassing are under investigation for premises in Brooklyn and Lyttelton.

Muridili also noted that allegations of foreign nationals occupying State accommodation are known, but surprise visits have not found any non-employees.


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