47 South African Lawyers Prepare Lawsuit Against US and UK for Alleged Involvement in Israel’s War Crimes

Following South Africa’s recent filing of a case against Israel for alleged genocide in Gaza at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), a group of nearly 50 South African lawyers is gearing up for a separate lawsuit against the United States and the United Kingdom.

The legal action is based on claims that these countries are complicit in Israeli forces’ war crimes in Palestine.

Led by South African lawyer Wikus Van Rensburg, the initiative seeks to prosecute those deemed complicit in civilian courts, collaborating with legal professionals from the US and the UK.

South African Lawyer Wikus Van Rensburg is leading the charge in this new lawsuit.

Wikus Van Rensburg is leading the charge in this new lawsuit.

“The United States must now be held accountable for the crimes it committed,” Rensburg told Turkish news publication Anadolu Agency in an interview.

Detailing the process by which the US and UK and London will be tried as complicit in Tel Aviv’s war crimes against the people of Gaza.

When he told the people around him about filing a lawsuit, Van Rensburg said he received a lot of support.

“Many lawyers decided to join us in the lawsuit. Many of those who have joined are Muslims, but I am not. They feel obligated to assist this cause, but I believe that what is happening is incorrect,” he said.

“What happened in Iraq is an example of this,” he said, noting that no one held the US accountable for the crimes it committed in the Middle Eastern country as the issue was not given the necessary importance.

Van Rensburg and his colleagues are making preparations by contacting law firms in the US and UK.

What the South African lawyers want to accomplish

The lawyers believe that the ongoing ICJ trial against Israel will serve as a guide for their case against the US and the UK.

They intend to begin the legal process based on the outcome of the ICJ case and the steps to be taken by the United Nations.

If the ICJ trial against Israel concludes in favor of South Africa, Van Rensburg believes that the US may face sanctions, even if it does not accept the verdict.

He also suggests that the ICJ ruling will strengthen a case against the Joe Biden administration.

Van Rensburg draws attention to Germany still paying compensation for crimes committed during World War II, emphasizing that the US should now be held responsible for its alleged involvement in war crimes.

Last week, the group of South African lawyers, now totaling 47, penned an open letter to the leaders of the US and UK governments, asserting that they cannot avoid responsibility for the alleged complicity in Israeli war crimes.

Constant conflict with Israel has left Gaza is a state of destruction

Constant conflict with Israel has left Gaza is a state of destruction

Israel has allegedly caused the deaths of nearly 20,000 Palestinians since the escalation of violence on October 7 in its conflict with Hamas.

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