Something fishy! Controversial Nota Baloyi reaps through his ex-wife Berita Khumalo’s stinky secret

Controversial South African music executive Nota Baloyi has recently made eyebrow-raising claims about his former wife, Zimbabwean singer Berita Khumalo, during an episode of the Own Narrative Podcast.

Nota revealed shocking details about their failed marriage, including a hilarious revelation about Khumalo’s unawareness of the smell of her own farts.

In the podcast, Nota Baloyi disclosed that he was the first person to inform his ex-wife, Berita Khumalo, that her farts have an odour.

He highlighted the stark difference between Berita’s public persona and the person she was behind closed doors during their marriage.

Nota explained that Berita was not used to being challenged by others, and he took on the role of being brutally honest with her.

“There was my wife Gugu and then there was her persona who she is being treated as by other people everywhere else, and then she gets used to being treated like that. So she doesn’t get used to people challenging her at all. I was the first person to tell my wife that her fart smells,” Nota Baloyi candidly shared.

Nota went on to recount a humourous incident involving Berita Khumalo letting out a fart inside their car.

Upon noticing the odour, Nota expressed his surprise, leading to a comical exchange between the two.

Berita, astonished that her fart had a smell, admitted that she had always believed her farts were odourless.

“She farted in the car, and I was like, ‘Hold on. Did you just fart?’ She’s like, ‘Oh my God, you can smell it?’ I was like, ‘Yes, of course, I can smell it.’ She’s like, ‘Oh my God, I thought my fart does not smell.’ I was like, ‘What? No one has ever told you your fart smells? That is crazy,'” Nota Baloyi recounted.

The revelation has sparked amusement and surprise among listeners.

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