Councillor blamed for murder and mutilation of Siyabonga Makhoba

A tragic and shocking discovery was made near a railway line in KwaSithebe, Mandeni, when the lifeless body of Siyabonga Makhoba was found mutilated after he had been missing for three months.

The grim discovery has raised serious questions and suspicions about the circumstances surrounding his disappearance and death.

Makhoba’s family has expressed deep concerns, pointing fingers at a local councilor as a person of interest in the case. They claim that Makhoba had been receiving threats from the councilor before his disappearance.

The two had allegedly been involved in a heated dispute over money that Makhoba was owed by the councilor, which was meant to settle allegations against the councilor , including allegations of assault and kidnapping.

Siyabonga Makhoba found Killed and mutilated

According to Makhoba’s brother, the councilor and his associates had previously kidnapped and assaulted Makhoba.

Despite efforts to resolve the issue and reach an agreement, no resolution was found, and the dispute remained unresolved. Makhoba’s disappearance occurred just three weeks after an alleged failed meeting with the councilor to address the conflict.

The family has criticised the appointed investigator, who was chosen by the councilor, for delaying the collection of crucial evidence. They believe that this has hindered the progress of the investigation and could potentially compromise the search for justice.

Authorities are continuing their investigation into Makhoba’s death, but his family is calling for a thorough and transparent inquiry to ensure that justice is served. As the community grapples with this tragic loss, they hope that the truth will come to light and that those responsible will be held accountable.


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